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Re: "keeping entertained..."


Date: Sun Jul 14 2002 - 05:25:02 PDT

hehehe....having taught at both MS and ele levels.....I second what Susan of
L.I. said!!! (below!) MS is so much easier in terms of organization, prep
and clean-up. The students are older, more able to manage all those
housekeeping tasks on their own (with supervision and a whip in hand).
Granted, when I taught MS I was a new teacher and did make the rounds, do the
teaching thing, conference etc...just the same as with my ele. students...but
it was a far easier thing.

Of course now, am at ele full-time and prefer that. If feel those early
years are where the groundwork is laid and so important in a child's attitude
re: art in the years to come.
In a message dated 7/13/02 9:05:16 PM, writes:

<< Keeping entertained?!!? WORK ON MY OWN ARTWORK during classes!!?!!? Is
thread a joke, or do only middle school and high school teachers sharing that
luxury? I find my little ones so needy that I (1) NEVER sit down at my desk
during class (2) find that I must circulate around the room during their
work time (3) find so much that I need to do for the little ones such as
change the painting water, wash their brushes, assist them in cutting, hot
glue, if needed, tie a shoe, explain again to the few that just don't get it.
I only have 40 minutes to make the class meaningful- 10 minutes
discussion/review, 20-25 minutes for them to work, 5-10 min. clean-up. Then,
I'm back-to-back classes- and not sequential in grades, all doing different
projects in a variety of messy mediums. How would I find time to do my own
work...and keeping entertained- ha- are you kidding? How about you
elementary school teachers- do you find time to do your own work to "keep
entertained"? If so, please share the tips on how. I must be missing
something or doing something wrong- LOL.... >>