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quiet art ideas


From: MaryAnn Kohl (maryann_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 11:39:56 PDT

Someone was asking for "quiet" art ideas. Well, you know, that always
depends on the kids doing the art, doesn't it? But these three easy ideas
should work as fairly quiet activities for anyone. Nothing too new or
exciting... more of a reminder of some good ideas...

Your friend, MaryAnn Kohl

PS I did a blind copy for the addresses, so don't be surprised if it looks
kinda weird. I am sending the ideas to our Loop Group.

This is an oldie but a goodie.... one of my favorites.
Easel Collage
      paint easel with clips for paper
        large sheets of newsprint
      paints in cups
        brush for each cup
        covered floor under easel
        paint apron or big shirt for artist
        scraps of art tissue
        scraps of any paper, including -
          wall paper wrapping paper construction paper
          facial tissues confetti stationary or note cards

1. Paint at the art easel.
2. Tear bits of favorite papers and press them into the wet paint.
3. Leave the papers showing, or continue to paint over them.
Note: It works well to have any smaller scraps placed in cups or cans set in
the easel tray right alongside the paints. Larger scrap pieces can be placed
in boxes on the floor beside the easel. No scissors are necessary, but can
be available. Hang scissors from a long piece of yarn from the top of the
4. Remove the collage painting to a drying area.

- Fabric scraps can be pressed into wet paint. No glue is necessary.
- Bits of sewing scraps can be pressed into the wet paint.
- Magazine clippings and photographs are also effective.

edible art idea:

Squeezy Sandwich Draw
Materials, Ingredients
    ketchup, mustard, or spaghetti sauce in squeeze containers
    choice of food to decorate:
    open-faced sandwich, plain bread, English muffin, pizza muffin
    choice of other ingredients to decorate the sandwich or snack, like -
        olive slices tomato bits alfalfa sprouts
        sandwich meat cheese slices green pepper slices

1. Make an open-faced sandwich of choice. For example, cover a piece of
bread with a slice of turkey, then a slice of cheese.
Remember, when working with food, wash hands first.
2. With the ketchup or mustard squeeze bottle, draw on the open-faced
sandwich to make a face or other colorful design.
Hint: Only add as much as would be appetizing! It's easy to over-do because
it's so much fun.
3. Next, add more decorative food ingredients to finish the design, like
alfalfa sprouts for hair, olive slices for eyes, or tomato bits in a pretty
4. Make several open-faced sandwiches for the whole family to enjoy!

- To make a squeezable cheese spread, grate about two cups (more if you
like) of any favorite cheese like Cheddar or Monterey Jack into a bowl. Mix
with 2-3 T. of mayonnaise. Stir until smooth. If too thick, add more
mayonnaise. You can add paprika, salt, pepper, or other favorite spices at
this time too. Spoon into an empty, clean squeeze container.
Squeeze-decorate open-faced sandwiches, Pizza muffins, or make fancy
appetizers on carrot slices, celery sticks, or crackers.
- Cover half an English muffin with a slice of cheese. Then fill a squeeze
container with spaghetti sauce and create a funny pizza face or other
design. Add bits of other foods to enhance the design.
- Make mini-sandwiches on crackers or slices of narrow French bread.

and this one...any theme will do, but I have chosen "soft"...
Could be "scratchy" scupture, "bumpy" sculpture, whatever your choice of

Soft Sculpture

    choice of base for the sculpture, such as -
        block of wood tree branch
    cardboard tray Styrofoam block
        egg carton lid fabric covered cardboard
                paper matte board

choose soft decorative materials, like -
    cotton balls make-up pads stale mini-marshmallows
    scraps of soft fabric dryer lint cattail fluff or milkweed
cotton stuffing polyester batting
choices of glue, tape, or stapler
     Note: a glue gun can be used with adult supervision

For this example, the soft sculpture will be described using a block of wood
covered with soft fabric.
1. With glue, cover a block of wood with soft fabric scraps. Glue them on
all six sides, and then dry briefly until scraps hold.
2. Spread out a selection of soft materials to decorate the covered block of
3. Begin attaching soft items to the block of wood with whatever glue you
choose. Cover the entire block, or work in a pattern on one or more sides of
the block.
4. Let dry, if glued.
5. To display, stand the soft sculpture on a scrap of matching fabric,
similar to a placemat, or nestle the sculpture into a pillow made from a
scrap of fabric and stuffed with cotton stuffing or batting.

* Cover the wood block with sheets of batting or stuffing, and then wrap
with a bigger piece of fabric, like wrapping a present in gift wrap. The
block of wood will then be soft like a pillow.
* Cover a flat piece of wood or cardboard with cotton batting, as described
* Hang soft items from an embroidery hoop or coat hanger to make a "soft
  ~ MaryAnn F. Kohl ~