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Re: Jewish theme


Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 12:06:06 PDT

I don't know, maybe I misunderstood it. I didn't mean to be
judgemental, but it probably came out that way. I would like to think
that all art gets taken a look at. My kids went to a religious school
and art was art and religion class was just that. They did not have an
art teacher who had specific instruction to tie religion or anything
about the culture connected our religion.
I think the ideas you and others gave about Jewish related art are
wonderful!! But don't worry my letter did not get through to Lariaine. I
goofed on the e- mail address. So she doesnt' know my whole statement
which explains my reasons. Sorry things don't always come across the
way we want in e- mailing.
maryB wrote:Excuse me, MB, but the request was for lessons
centered around a Jerusalem theme, not a Jewish theme. Jerusalem is the
mecca for many world-wide religions and sects, including Christianity
and Islam. Your judgmental statement about putting some focus on
"their" culture, but not 1/2 a school year, precludes the fact that the
school is a private parochial school, not a public one. In any
parochial school, one would expect to find the curriculum infused with
the fundemental beliefs of the sect or religion on which the school is
based. My response, as were many on the list, included suggestions for a
tile mural of the city, "stained glass" project, and a Chagall inspired
painting. Haven't seen mention of replication of Jewish artifacts or
even religious symbols. So, your take on the request for Jerusalem
related projects concerns me. I read with irony your view of
narrow-mindedness...please reconsider its definition.

> Susan on Long Island