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Re: job search or placement firms for art ed jobs


Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 05:47:38 PDT

Hi everyone,

I am still on my job hunt for "the perfect school" -- where is it? I have been a
finalist at two private schools where I ended up losing it to someone else -- one
school said it was a coin toss. ah well... Anyway, I have recently heard about
Carney, Sandoe and associates a placement firm (e-mail:, and snail mail: 136 Boylston street, Boston, mass
02116. The person who told me yesterday that I did not have the job (the head of
the lower school), recommended I check these people out and said that they had
really helped him find "the perfect job" several years ago. I have also put my
resume with a firm here in the Chicago area called Educational Placements (EPS)
-- they have been very nice and very energetic in sending my materials around and
helping me in the job hunt hunt with interviews, negotiations etc...does anyone
here have any other recommendations for a placement or job search firm? I am at
the point where I will consider relocation for the right job, and I will even
consider overseas...this is known as a "major turning point." I have always done
this sort of thing on my own, but have found that using EPS is helping quite a
bit in terms of just getting me out there into the arena and getting in front of
a wide spectrum of schools and principlas. Does anyone else here know of or
recommend other firms? Have any of you ever used a private firm? Ok and here is
a last question -- have any of you ever started your own school? I am even
thinking that that might be the way I create my "perfect school." (You know,
"follow your dream")

Oh yes, why am I looking for the perfect job? Because aside from teaching as an
adjunct associate professor at the private art school where I teach (higher ed) -
which is heavenly, I feel I have often more or less "settled" for art jobs which
I was less than enthusiastic about, but did for the experience -- I am the lurker
who taught in public schools in the inner city where I really burned out on
oversized classes and eight classes a day etc...though I feel I earned my stripes
and I am grateful for that -- in fact I have no regrets at all about what I
learned, because there was such joy intermixed with the (at times) grueling
work. And I really ove teaching children (and I consider teenagers children).

I am finding this list so helpful these last few months and am so grateful for
the advice I received (both personal and public) about salaries. By the way I
will be out of town from July 25 to August 5 -- I know, I know you are never
supposed to go away in the midst of a job hunt - but it is Italy and I planned it
when I thought I would be all set with my new job (supplies ordered, room in
place, contract signed - bada-bing, bada-boom) --- some things seemed like a sure
thing way back in May...but I will try to find ways to check my phone in Chicago
using a cell. I am impossibly optimistic as so many people seem to be in this
list -- but the harsh realities are setting in. Again, the question remains --
ideas for search firms?

Also, do you think that people at private schools, or even suburban schools look
askance at those like me who have taught in the inner city? I feel sometimes
like a veteran of an unpopular war.


Loved the ruins of detroit -- I bookmarked it.

thanks all