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RE: Privacy Law again was RE: Keeping a sketchbook--high school


From: Kimberly Herbert (kimberly_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sat Jul 14 2001 - 12:53:59 PDT

        I was just responding to the question someone asked about
grading. What you are doing is probably with in the confines of the law
- similar to peer editing in Language Arts.
        Questions of privacy, are going to be the legal issues, not just
in education, but in all areas of our lives in the US (and probably
elsewhere) in the next decade or so. It is important that we as teachers
and as citizens keep up with the laws, and court rulings as they happen
to better protect ourselves. This ruling has been the topic on about 3
of the educational listserves I am on, so I might have sounded more
abrupt than I meant to be.
        Some teachers are very upset over the ruling, and feel the
privacy protection as far as grading homework or daily work are not
important. They also feel that students will feel pressure to do better
if classmates are grading papers. I disagree. I was threatened in High
School, if my grade was too high and "blew the curve". Teachers would
often announce the mean grade as well as the highest grade sometimes
giving out the name of the high scoring student. This stopped after a
senior let my science teacher (I was a freshman at the time) know that
he had to stop 2 other boys in our class from beating me up after she
announced I had scored an A on a test everyone else had failed. He also
told her students didn't study for her test because she graded on the
curve. She stopped grading on the curve, and announcing the high score.

Kimberly (

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Subject: Re: Privacy Law again was RE: Keeping a sketchbook--high school

When I wrote about using peer assessment to assist with sketchbook must understand what peer assessment is. Peer assessment
is not
grading!!!! Students are given a rubric to assist with the assessment,
give their peers feed back..this is not a GRADE!!! It is a different
for students to get feed back about their work and it is not illegal!
It is
in fact a legitmate way for students to use what the skills they are

I also wrote that the teacher use this opportunity to choose 5-6
students to
grade at that time. This way, students are getting feedback about their

work, they understand that the work is important and if not done, or
poorly, then they are accountable for that. Not all work needs to have
letter grade marked in the grade book, there are many types of
Peer assessment is completely legal and a valuable tool.