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Re: Moving to a HS job next year


Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 06:06:56 PDT

In a message dated 07/09/2001 8:09:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

> My other major
> > concern at this point are the juniors and seniors who signed up for
> > Independent Study. I want to be prepared for them since I imagine
> > they are looking forward to doing nothing. How do you handle this in
> > your department? Any syllabus or written guidelines that could help?

I just completed my first year at a high school where the old instructor left
over the summer without telling the kids. They were not happy about me at
all- and they were horrible! But after a years worth of ups and downs-
they've accepted me (or they left the program-or graduated).
But For my independent study (Art 6) I had them fill out a proposal sheet
requiring 3 projects every quarter (6 per semester). They would have to
specify: the project, materials needed, goal or objective and how long they
anticipated this project to take them. Then they had to list 5 ways they
would like me to "ASSESS" their efforts. These proposals were then reviewed
by me and modified (with the student) and then approved. They would get a
copy and I kept the original in a folder on my desk. When a project was
finished, I would look at the proposal sheet, grade and return to folder.
Students would reference folder for grade. Hense "independent" study. These
proposals saved my butt several times when the students felt they should get
an A for the project- and didn't because they never met the grading criteria.
 Worked like a charm. If people fool around, they won't get 3 projects done
(per quarter) and/or they won't meet the grading criteria.
The biggest problem I came across was that they felt 3 projects were too many
to do per quarter. But most students in general are LAZY. We have 18 wk
semesters- with 80 min classes DAILY. I still reserve the right to adjust
the requirements per the individual. NO mid terms were given to these
students but I did give a "take home" essay (Referncing Art topics) for the
final. Last year I gave them 3 weeks to do it but I think I will change that
to 1 week (they didn't do it till the last minute anyway.)
Good luck
Kathy in Kalamazoo