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Funny Story was RE: A&E Impressionsits


From: Kimberly Herbert (kimberly_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 12:01:49 PDT

The part about editing out the nudes reminded me of something that
happened my senior year in High School. We had studied the Arthurian
Legend, and the teachers got permission to show us Excalibur, provided
they FF'ed one scene (We were all over 17).

Anyway Spring Branch ISD had this closed circuit system. They could show
programming over the system to all schools (They would show art
demonstrations, science experiments, Soc. Studies movies at certain
times of the year and your teacher would just turn on the TV to the
correct channel. Then there was block of channels that the schools could
use to show programming on a campus level. This meant a group of
teachers could show the same program, without crowding into one room.

The English teachers were using the campus level channels to show the
movie. The each period the teacher who had conference that period was to
go up to the media room and FF'ed the movie. My teacher (and most of the
others I guess) was sitting at her desk grading papers (after all she
had already seen it 4 or 5 times that day). When a ripple of giggles
made her look up and see King Arthur in bed with his sister (either that
or King Uther with Arthur's Mother), She jumped up and ran out the room
and up the stairs (followed by all the senior English teachers.) No-one
thought to stay and make us turn off the TV's. Turns out the teacher who
was off that period had broken up a fight and marched the students off
to the grade level principal's office. She had asked the secretary to
call one of the other teachers to tell her she wouldn't be available,
but the secretary was interrupted by a phone call and didn't call until
all the teachers had run upstairs. Fortunately none of our parents got
upset, and no-one got into trouble.
Kimberly (

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From: Judy Decker []
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 7:30 AM
To: ArtsEdNet Talk
Subject: A&E Impressionsits pays to get up early and start your day with a good flick. I
happened to catch part one of the A&E Impressionists series....Great
(has lots of naked ladies ---so you will need to do some magic to those
tapes). Anyways.....If you want to video tape it, you must keep track
because your tape with mysteriously expire in July of the year 2003. So
will want to keep that in mind. I guess that is a Y2K30731 syndrome?
2003 July 31. ..they didn't say what time of day though. When yours
you can just borrow mine. I do want to have this one --My archival
cause I won't be using the other one at that time of year).

Here is my advice if you really want something that was on
video tape or have your school buy it. My principal says it is OK to
one copy for yourself as long as you archive the other copy. He has said
this time and time again (especially with software). I have sent
videos back because the companies would not grant me permission to edit
nudes out. I guess if I just make my own copy for educational purposes
archive the other copy at home it is OK? I hate to have the kids wait
I fast forward and who really has time to keep record of all of the
so a nude doesn't sneak in and you have to go "whoops! close your eyes"
(these are real models folks....and quite attractive ones, too...they
look anything like the nudes Monet, Manet and others

One thing that is very important to stress with kids is how these artist
were so competitive....I found it so interesting and so today! Manet
took a title Monet wanted to use (Monet got a leg injury and wasn't able
finish his De'juenne (sp?) on the grass in time for the Salon show...So
Manet changed the title of his "The Bathers"..You know the painting I am
talking about...the one that caused such a scandal. How dare Manet show
woman the way she really looked and made her so confident unclothed in
presence of those men.
The painting that Monet did finish and get into the show was one he did
inspired by a fashion illustration...what a hoot! I sure would like to
a copy of the fashion drawing to show my students. Artists get ideas
all around them. Ideas are just waiting to happen. Roberta knows what I
talking about.

Judie -- Judy -- Judi - Jude -- JDeeee - OKJ

P.S. Get the idea what part of Manet's problem was? I thought his name
Manet? Was it Monet? Manet? Monet? Manet? Manet was the older one of