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News about stress


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Jul 09 2001 - 09:53:17 PDT

You never know what you might learn when you watch the Today Show.....check
out (or something like that -- just look it up).

There is a new study out that has proven that your tendency towards stress
is determined by the stress of the mother during early months of pregnancy
(my life has proven this true--my family has proven this true)....If the
mother has been stressful, she has a tendency to pass that on to her
children. Yes, my son feels stresses of everyday life from time to time
(only when he tries to do too much) and I help him through those (I know I
am "to blame"). I did everything I was supposed to do....everything except I
worked right up and past the due date because no one seemed to care that I
had a deadline that I must meet. No one cared at my work place until I did
everything that was needed because they (buyers) missed their deadlines to
get advertising copy and stuff to me to sketch for the paper's
deadlines....finally two days after my son was due, the store owner told me
I better go home because he didn't want to have my son born in his store
(giggle). Well, I obliged and then got done everything I wanted to have
ready before my son was born (no stress --I enjoyed it....and what I did
actually helped me have an easy child birth --K.I.S. --the details aren't

With all of us Richer kids....the ones who have the hardest time with stress
(and stress others impose on us) are those whom were born during the most
stressful times in my mother's life. I won't go into details....BUT my
mother was pregnant with me when she had the landlady form *H*....The
landlady didn't want her to have any more kids in the apartment they were
renting...My mother had to go out and search for another place to live while
she was pregnant with me...Now how stressful can that be for a young woman?
A woman who had already had one or two miscarriages in he life (another
story there. K.I.S.)?

My message to all pregnant women (arty friends tell your daughters and
sons)...Reduce stress! (for everyone around the house of those pregnant
ladies). That is so important....Take care of your health and EAT (I am glad
I wasn't pressured by that philosophy that you should only gain so much
weight -- I know that was done in my mom's days). An under nourished mother
will create a tendency in the child to gain weight -- that child will retain
fat and have a hard time losing weight (gather around sisters ---I feel your
pain). A mother who is stressed and depressed during the pregnancy will
create a tendency in the children to also be stressed and suffer from
depression. Oh there was more...but I don't need to read the book - but
thank you for the research.

OK the end of the story is...If a landlord or landlady gives your loved ones
stress ---use your hammer (of justice) in a nice way first....then really
let them have it if they don't fix the problems.

Judy Decker

P.S. You have to believe what you hear on the Today Show. They helped a
couple claim their million dollar reward from H.R Block (who would have
thunk it...)...Welll I never sent this one...You will have to read the next
one to see all the rest of the story re: Womens' Rights .Bunki was
right --hold your message on you computer for a while--then decide later to