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Last Call--long


Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 14:48:52 PDT

Apologise for being a "lurker" but a devoted one. Enjoyed the list and
benefitted from it. Reason for long silence and just lurking...

New job!

First things first

E. Jane Beckwith
528 Tenth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

I have taught in middle school, Brooklyn, the last two years. I have
been working on a doctorate in Art Education at Columbia U. Teachers
College for five years, and am on the College Teaching of Art track.
So, at the same time I have been teaching as an adjunct lecturer in
English, Business (Marketing), and Graphic Design at St. Joseph's
College. All those fields represent past lives!!! But I have taken a
full time job with this college. It is a small liberal arts college,
and the art department is a "service" department with core course
offerings in Art History and electives in studio. So it is a
one-person department. I am excited to be full circled. At Pratt
Institute, 30 some years ago, our professors noted that we of the baby
boom faced a baby bust. Told us we probably wouldn't get the College
jobs our MFAs prepared us for. Never discouraged, I adjuncted for 30
years and did other things (see past lives) so finally I am getting
the job I prepared for at 25! Now 50 something but happy, all the
same. At present, I am teaching little children, K-5 at the summer
school in my Board of Ed district. I am keeping my NYC teaching
license current and plan to work with my old middle school next year
on special projects. I would miss the kids and the school too much.
Also, what led me back to the public school classroom after three
decades was an article I read noting that most Art Ed. D candidates
had not been in the classroom for a decade or more. I certainly had
not been...Yikes!! three decades! So back to school I went for a
refresher course in how the school art room looks today, how art
teaching and learning are perceived, what new challenges there are
(see standards, DBAE, multiple intelligences, inclusion, etc. etc.) I
chose a tough school in a tough district and what some say is the
toughest age group (middle school). I have learned a LOT, and have
come out the other side humble and grateful and in awe of what it
takes to be a great teacher, or even just a passing fair one, these
days. You know, when I was in college back in the 60s, we girls would
say, "Oh well, I can always fall back on teaching." Imagine. Fall back
on the "toughest job you will ever love." Sorry for the long post. I
just wanted to keep in touch and thank you all. I will be more
involved come Fall and after I settle in at St. Joseph's. Meanwhile I
will lurk. Thanks, Jane in Bro