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Here is discipline help


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 03:23:08 PDT

Well....I guess I have to check what is up with my Road Runner later....When
I have a message I just don't want to wait...If I put a message on hold, I
might forget about it. You know me and how forgetful I can be....

At the start of each group of kids -- especially the little ones.
Say the Pledge of Allegiance (even though they already said it once during
the day). I pledge allegiance frequently in my head....The "one nation under
God" part...I believe that. I believe we are one world under god....all of
our drums are the sound one heart beat.

Ask them if they really do pledge to do what is right to their country. Make
sure they understand what it means.

Hold up a dollar them what it says "In God We Trust" ....ask
them if they believe that, too....but don't have them raise their
hands...just ask them in their heart. And I know I believe it ("Thou shalt
have no other Gods before me" is in my scripture book....that money is not
my god....and all of you believe the children are more important than money
or you wouldn't be doing what you are doing. It is the children that are
born god-like. They are the ones who are perfect. Each child is perfect. And
we have to help them make the right choices in life). NO ONE can punish you
for saying those words - no one wants those words removed from our pledge or
from our money.

Then apologize to all who do not believe and ask them if they believe there
is good in life....and all should be able to agree with that. is what you do when a class is disruptive --It has worked for me.
Turn out their lights (my secret..."This little light of mine I'm going to
let it shine"....and when they do something that makes me mad as a
group....I just take my light away)

If they think it is funny (mine know better)....but in some schools they may
just think it is a way to stop working....Start going around the room --go
to the noisiest tables first....Place your hand on the shoulder of the
disruptive ones....and say "I am a child of god and god does speak through
me....You are a child of god and he loves you and he wants you to do what is
best for everyone in this class"...Trust me you won't have to do it too
often. My most disruptive child knew he didn't want to be touched by
me...but I touched him anyway on the shoulder just for fun.

If you personally are not a believer --respect their believes for god and
say this is the hand of all good things in life. It is good Karma...what
ever...but by touching the shoulder you get through to them more.
I have talked to many from this list who are not of any one faith -any one
religion....and you live god's way....You are the ones I admire most! Bless
you for finding the good in all. You do not pass judgment.
I really enjoyed my long "talks" with Henry last summer. He also taught me a
lot -- like minds in art.

I will keep finding ways to help you integrate the good things in life --the
values that are important to god in my own little ways. for I have found my
"mission"....I just won't tell you how I know....but come to my house
sometime and look around and you will know I am right.

I won't even tell you the song in my head right now....just will to my
friends. But just look out for the Pisces out there....and I sing my little

How many of you woke up today saying Wonderful Wednesday? Praise the lord
for independence. I even got to enjoy my fireworks a day early!
My minister told me to write these thoughts down...and boy it sure does feel

Oops..K.I.S. I keep forgetting that part.

Love to my brothers and sisters,

Judy Decker