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Re: Curriculum Ideas?


Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 15:48:05 PDT

       Art 1 for me is only 9 weeks. Here I spend several weeks drawing from
observation-hands, still life, glassware etc. We focus on elements and
composition! Main media is the pencil but also work in marker. Colored
markers and prisma color pencils are used for color study. The last 3 weeks
we study natural and linear (one and 2 point) perspective. History focus is
from Byzantine thru the High Renaissance- specifically the artist/sculptor
Michelangelo. We also learn to critique work in a technical context which
takes about 3 days to introduce and is reinforced throughout the rest of the
quarter. Most of their observational drawings are done in their sketchbooks
along with several "thumbnails" of their larger drawings. By the time I
give them a (4th week) quiz and the (9th week) final- The 9 weeks are over.
       Those that pass my class with a B- or above may continue on with the
program- where classes go for a whole semester. I pick up with Art 2 -still
primarily focusing on drawing tricks- we study various types of grid work.
The graphite media is mastered (hopefully) by the end of this semester by
enlarging a portrait of a famous person. Other media such as water color,
ink, prisma color pencils and oil pastels, are introduced and experimented
with. Chuck Close and MC Escher are the two artists discussed with this
group. Work at this level must demonstrate a firm understanding of the
elements and principles,as well as good composition.
       This art program is progressive in that it teaches the basics and
reinforces what is learned later in advanced classes. Art 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
are in the same room at one time. Art 3 is broken up into 3 sections
(illustration -6wks, Commercial Design -6wks and Sculpture -6wks). Art 4 is
figure study in both 2&3D (classical and abstract) Art 5 is Beginning Photo-
First 9 is technical (learning the camera, development and manipulation
process using art elements as the subjects focus. The second 9 wks explores
the "intellect" of the artist while continuing to develop newly acquired
skills. Art 6 is an independent study where students who have completed Art
1,2,and 3 AND/OR 5 may study their media of preference(s) in detail.
This is where they complete those missing works for their portfolio.
Kathy in Kalamazoo