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Professionalism (just skim for the good stuff)


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 13:51:00 PDT

As I am listening to my wonder boy play his cello I am reminded of some
great stories.....My son got his gift for the cello from his wonderful uncle
who taught me how to laugh at the world. My brother bought his clothes at
Goodwill....bought his furnishings at flea markets.....and even made his own
jewelry! When folks laughed at him --he laughed even harder back at
them--and I am sure glad he did! Because how people feel about you when
everything you do is good and right for you and they point fingers and
laugh...look out cause I will find more humor in it than you do (Thanks Ken's Mom and Dad, Gramps, Deb and all of the rest of the Richer clan
doing up there? Tell them all I said Hi). He even taught me you "don't have
to go around and straighten the shelves either" --cause that is someone
else's job...But Ken....sometimes no one comes around to straighten the
shelve...well someone has to do it. Even if that somebody is you. Good
advice from a good man (cherish the gifts from your family).

Anyways....back on subject....Since we art teachers have the "lowliest jobs"
in the school...don't ya all think we should be able to wear T-shirts, jeans
what ever we feel is comfortable? I ruined a whole bunch of good clothes
that I spent good money on in my earlier days trying to look
professional...I just started to dress for the profession in recent
years....I went back to Judy...(long flowy skirts...comfy
for me). Hey wouldn't it be fun to wear our jammies and really get folks a
hee-hawing? Folks don't call me the big buck for nothing (thank you school
Tech Wizard for that chuckle)--hey mail me off line if you want to hear a
good story abut this ( will be worth every penny
of your time.

I know we had some discussion about this earlier...If they want us to dress
professional (in their eyes)...then wouldn't it be great if we paid and
treated as such. Just a thought to help all art teachers relax a bit and let
others worry about how we dress. Now if I get a boo-boo on something I can
just pitch it--saves me a whole lot less time.

Now I am helping all of you art friends how to deal with "other peoples"
problems...sharing the gift I got from my brother Ken....Well the cello
music has stopped....Oh isn't life grand! I even tell my kiddies when they
get into the "my clothes are better than yours thing" with other
students...I tell them "Yeh? I buy my clothes at Wall-Mart and Value
City....and maybe I will just wear something I made myself, too"

And for all who feel pain for a death....look at the good it has brought
My sister taught me how to try to make a difference with writing....her book
was never published (and I regret that---so from time to time I will post
the breast cancer site for all to click. When I make a promise to someone I
like to keep it)....but maybe I have messages that will help more people
now. Broken promises only really hurt the ones you love.

Marvelous Monday!...and all I have to do today is just chat with friends.
Tomorrow it is off to visit a college for my wonder boy)...It is so great to
not have a care in the world for a change....My little humor...I am just
taking care of myself...and it doesn't cost me anything....My sister even
taught me it shouldn't really matter what you long as it never
meant to hurt anyone....What you say shouldn't hurt you either (I believe my
"words will never hurt me" again) Oh.....this is just "chatting in a good
way". No one has to read it....I sure don't read everything that is ever
written either....and I sure don't print them out either. Who is going to
look the bigger fool if they do that?
There is Freedom of Speech one ever said letters had to printed
out....and everyone sure knows what is written is not read by many. I don't
print mine out from you folks. I just save the good ones on my computer and
look at them later. Even you Getty folks have had no clue about anything
because you didn't even read my posts.

Well back to reading your mail to me. BTW thank you for these wonderful gif
ts I have received today...Three packages from my Getty friends all in the
same day.

Judy Decker