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More on Mona Bucks (long)


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 11:42:51 PDT

I am so glad so many have found them useful.....Instead of telling each
person individually...I thought I would post to all. Right now I do not have
access to my WCOIL I will have to continue sharing this way.
If you still want my "Mona Bucks" rewards....then send a private e-mail off
list ( I used the Duchamp Mona to show how artists take
one idea and go for change....since women do not appear on any of our
money....I had to put the Mona with the mustache and goatee of Duchamp (my
little sense of humor....If only men knew who they really need to
thank.....Here Eve did the best thing ever --she took the "bite of knowledge
from the tree of life"....and man has punished her ever since?....Think
about it men....what if Eve had resisted the temptation....What if that
temptation was meant to be....and all of you have called it a sin? oh
my...) What if the first original sin was the one MAN did by thinking Eve
was to blame for all of his pain and suffering?--oh just smile at my
jokes.....No MAN was to sweat because he would not be tempted to take a bite
of knowledge....It was Eve who wanted knowledge. All men out there better
start thinking Women might have a good idea now and then....My husband
believes that I am right. We just smile about it (Oh I am not right all the one is...but he does let me be right when he knows in his heart I
am). The funny thing is.....Some men make women have to sweat to find out
what their problems are (Oh I even told this to one I trust --just the other
day)...I mean no disrespect for men....but I jokingly said to my hubby
yesterday...I am "EVE" and men who have harmed me better look out (oh.just
smile at my life's little ironies --I do all the time)....And now I want
those who have punished "Eve" for making her sweat when she was having fun
had better think again. I know where Eve is today. Poor EVE has had to
suffer...and suffer....don't you realize God punished her immediately for
taking the first bite? God gave her the hardest job of all! How many of you
scream with pain when you do your job? Eve has given life to this earth.
Eve has given this world its children.

My father had the right idea....He never punished my mother for not doing
all of the things everyone else thought she should be doing....He let my
mother do what she knew in her heart she should do....They both didn't have
to work very hard in the end. All of you out there must believe that god
takes a life for a reason -- it is his plan to choose. After all it is what
happens in the end that is most important. Let god do his job and quit
punishing women for what she chooses to do with her life...She chooses
because God has told her she made the right choice...It is women's right to
run her life....and let god do what he thinks is best for her. Women do not
punish you for what you choose to do with your life.

Well...I have rambled on too much for this one...So I will post how I use
them later.

This should make all of the men out there on this list who have treated me
with respect just smile....and pat yourselves on the back (chocolate hershey
kisses coming your way!)....Now your "mission" men is go out and let other
women know how they have helped you...I had to work pretty hard to earn the
respect of my building TECH WIZARD (elevated from tech guy)...and he is
helping me now. I sent him cyber chocolate hershey kisses, too. Doesn't it
say the "meek shall inherit the earth?" I would much rather have a world of
the meek that those who think power is the best way. In the end...who will
have the most work? Material wealth is not important to the meek. If I keep
doing what I think is right then I won't have much work to do. I like that

Sorry folks...but this does have a heck of a lot to do with education....and
you had better believe it. We teachers have the hardest amount of work to
do...and we get paid the least. Ministers have hard work to do and most of
them get paid even less (and those who pick up our garbage? that is hard
work too). I told mine I was going to help her with hers. I know her job is
very hard to do. I will continue to work hard all week so god can have a
break from me every once in a while (the seventh day was his day to
rest ---I will let him rest). I know god is in "this house" (my body) and I
wept when I found the truth. I am thinking her for helping me by sending a
gift in the name of my father who taught me the importance of the Golden

On a side bar....all of you artists out there know how hard it is to get
paid right for your work....and you are doing god's work too. Everyone who
does god's work gets paid there is a new perspective for you on
your salary woes. I know it isn't fair....but we all know that life isn't
fair. for now.