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Stress busters


Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 12:49:57 PDT

I too like this thread:

Here's what I do, and believe me with having yearbook, 5
preps and an AP Art History class last year, I needed to
find ways to relax.

1. I have a morning "stitch and b*tch group" that I belong
to. 7 women teachers who meet in the sewing room (hench the
stitch word), and we get to school 1/2 early to have our
little session, which turns out to be a combination of
laughing and serious discussions on how to help and support
each other.

2. I don't eat lunch in the lunchroom. 5 other teacher
friends (other than the first group) eat lunch with me in my
art room....again comraderie time, and as an art teacher,
between these two groups I become centered, and the rest of
the school through these wonderful friends, know what is
happening in my life and in the art room. (I have a
refrigerator in the art room that they store their home made
lunches in, we only have 22 minutes for lunch).

3. I go to the theater about 4 times a month. Yup, fit that
experience right in to everything I do. I like New York
City, costuming and great theater, so I feel like I am part
of something else besides school. I realize this indulgence
is not possible for everyone else, but find something
totally decadent and mind expanding and exciting to keep you
in a world you fantasize about. I also write poetry, and
design marionettes/puppets...and when I engage in these
'fantasy' experiences, I know I am centered again.
(also, my students find the fact that I do this exciting,
and off the beaten path...they have on occasion, singularly
and in groups gone to the theater with me, and have
witnessed the magic).

4. I go on house tours...another fantasy thing...I get to
look at other people's houses, kinda neat. In New Jersey
they have them in quaint towns during the summers and in
some communities during the Holiday season. It's fun, and
not that expensive.

I think it's important, as a stress buster, to do silly, fun
things. Fly a kite, go to a driving range and hit balls with
all your might (who cares where they land or how far they
go?), play hokey on your serious self.

San D