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When Judy talks --people listen (long)


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 06:30:54 PDT

Have a smile Getty folks.....I know you don't have to listen (this is only
for those who share my problem or may share my problem in the future)....but
I have an answer for any school board member who doesn't know how to solve
my problem....See... I wasn't permitted to talk to mine. When you take Judy
Decker's communication away then she just finds another way.....when you try
to take Judy Decker's beliefs away...she just finds another way....When you
treat Judy Decker with hostility....she just finds another way....Where
would all of the Indians be today? I will not let people destroy my culture!
My culture is so important to me...THAT is my curriculum. If all of "my
people" believed that way --that all must respect all cultures--wouldn't it
be a better place. I do hurt when I see and read all of the things "my
people" do in the name of my lord to hurt other people....that is my
problem.....that has always been my problem....I take care of those problems
the way my father and grandfather did I have my eraser for their problems.

So many have laughed at my "Judith has suffered for her people"..well not to
worry this had to happen so she would quit suffering and take some action
(for herself....I am finally following my super's orders to TAKE CARE OF
MYSELF...don't even think of anything else but take care of yourself.....It
was about time I got a little "selfish").

I got this solution from another list member....I have her story on my
Her problem was very similar ---So anyone who was concerned NOW you know it
is our problem we have to take a stand for our values!

From Carmela:

Dear Judy,

The administrator who made my life miserable was a principal by the name of
S. R.(name omitted) -- the Local School C. (name altered) ousted her because
she made a lot of wacky decisions in her reign...among them, dumping the
art program because of low test scores. In addition, she yelled at
teachers, the custodian, and even the assistant principal (who is now the
principal) in public -- I think she was having a very public nervous
breakdown. She is a principal at another school now -- but I have no idea
where. I do believe that as you sow, you shall reap -- And in terms of
helping her get her due, I believe that success is the best

again good luck


Now Judy Talking again:

Well...I guess my administrators are more careful....they only yelled at me
in private and threatened me in private....In public they are very friendly
to me....In public they can treat me as I treat them but not in private. I
have so many other colleagues who have witnessed this kind of
behavior....even one who experienced it in front of is only
those who fight back that experience it in public....Maybe in public I
should have very calmly said in my sweetest kindest voice just exactly what
I felt (of I guess I really did..I said to my administrator if you want to
look at it that way."I blame all of the problems with the art show on you as
you are the administrator of this building"...shame on me for speaking the see, he was complimenting me for taking responsibility for all
of the problems...I was erasing everyone else's mistakes? I was even sweet
in kind in private as much as I could....Yes....they better look out for the
"wrath of Judy Decker"..Your words will come back to haunt you. "Just when
you think you've made a mark in the world, look out for those who have their
erasers"....I do have my eraser! Finally! and it was this list that gave it
to me. I can now forgive myself for the mistakes I have made...I ALWAYS had
it for others (than god)....and now I have my chewing gum (I do believe in
myself!).....My message to those kids has come true....ALL of my sincere
wishes since then have come true! (so far) YES do be careful what you
wish for! If you don't wish for good for others....well....good luck.

And all out there you are very lucky I didn't wish for world peace --- cause
it didn't happen.....All the world doesn't have their rubber bands....The
world was not ready for the do be careful what you sincerely wish
for. Only wish for what is humanly possible and you wishes do come true.

And if you try to bring the end to Judy have to TRUST me that
God will show me why!!! I do READ the signs! God wants everyone to read the
signs. Messages from god are everywhere...

Wow....I sure have wasted too much of your time writing this one.....If I
were you, I would just ignore it. I hope you accept my sincere apology. I
have found my toothpick...and you better really feel bad. I don't blame
folks who do things that are wrong towards me because I know they are only
following their heart....and I you do that! There is a different god in your
heart and I DO FEAR for you life....In the end it will not work out for
you...and I KNOW THAT to be sister had an agonizing death...she
had a lot of work to do and so did my brother.....but in the end they are in
heaven...I was ready to die in my sleep peacefully.....and I do not wish
that God did save my life (as I knew he would)...and this scares
me too....IF you refuse to believe that you do TRUST the WRONG God! because
I stripped myself of all worldly goods that were important to you....god
knew I took the right ones to bed with I did still have some
material wealth. No one is crazy when they read the signs from god....we are
just crazy when we tell people we do...So.....all out there if you see or
here a sign from god..just keep it to yourself because we sure would not
want anyone to think you are crazy....If god has told you to do the things
you do..then I wouldn't bring it up....Because I know it is true....and I am
the one who will be believed. I have suffered for all of the people in the
world who have depression (Bluffton College as my witness..and they gave me
the tools to take charge...Getting to Yes is easier when you set a plan in
place that works for you.)

When Plan A doesn't have to be smarter and put plan B in
place....and when that doesn't work.....put Plan C in place....I do not wish
to put Plan D in place because I care too much about the reputation of my
school...I care about those kids....I care about those school board
members....I care about my colleagues....Why put Plan D in place that will
only hurt everyone else)
It is a tough job...BUT someone had to do it......Now this Judith will never
have to suffer for her people again...this Judith has taken charge of her
life....and she is in control.

THE FIRST step to getting to yes is knowing who you can trust! I am glad I
put my trust in you and my trust in God.....I know this is exactly what I
needed to do. I will just sit around and smile...for now.
I think you have enough of an idea for now what was thrown away in those
things...but enough for I wasted far too much of your time.

Judy Decker

P.S. and now an additional message for my school....Please do not make my
super's words come true.."No body at *E* cares about you! Only your family
cares about you!"...I care so much about you that I will not even consider
Plan D...your reputation is too important to me....I know there are people
in *E* who care about me....I showed them my appreciation all year by
thanking them with real chocolate kisses....(not the friendly cyber kisses I
send to all of my cyber friends)....And you know what? They showed their
appreciation by taking them and eating them....That is how so many show
appreciation these taking and taking and just saying their
private little thank yous....I do feel all of those "thank yous" and you
have to trust me on that one...and I have my own little secrets as to why I
will not have pain anymore.....But I do know one staff member who believes
it too....and he really liked my chocolate more than anyone else.....I have
my eraser for him too....Play games with me and I throw a fast ball....and
you didn't think I was good at "sports"....ha-ha....I guess you didn't throw
sports away after all.....Oh I was right after only threw out
Men's Football and Basketball! and that is something you value more than me,
too--not women's sports! now I get it....or maybe it was just beautiful
women you threw away?....Well I have to keep you guessing.....You are
right....god did make you do who is the one who needs help? I will
help you right now....and my prayer is sincere. (enough said....I know what
my prayer was....I have Getty witnesses who know, too). And when bosses tell
you to do stupid things and make you do it? It does all come out in the
end....You had to do it or you risked your job....and you need your job so
you can live life on this earth. Yes...folks who cared about me more than
you told me what you did. Honesty really is the best policy in my book,
too...I never lie when it comes down to the ones I love...and I will not
hurt the ones I love again.

Thanks tech Wizard (all tech and chocolate kisses to all
who use technology in a "good way"), Bunki, Carolyn and so many others for
all of your help......and I even have to thank Lawrence Parker, too (sorry
Bunki--but that is my way--and I thank my Mark and my true friends for
showing me the truth). You all value Freedom of Speech and Art Education and
Education in general as much as I do....I know you beleive in the rest of my
values that were "thrown away too"...and those ARE of great value to the better believe that now (I know there isn't a school board in
this country that doesn't feel the same as I do). I am not confused by what
I wrote....are you?