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Here is a solution to my problem


From: Judy Decker (jdecker_at_TeacherArtExchange)
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 04:50:08 PDT

Maybe this will help all of you if you every have the same problem
(administrators who see that their problem is that you do stand for the
values the proclaim to have): problem in my life is procrastination. I found
out the hard way the only things I procrastinate on are the things other
people think I should be doing......When I am behaving just exactly as I
feel I should-- I sleep well, I wake up happy ready to face a new day....Ask
my savior what it is you have in store for me today.....I have helped a few
folks with thier art woes....I always enjoyed working on my art during the
summer and enjoyed working on professional development during my summer....I
always enjoyed working on my curriculum during the summer so I would have a
better school year....I was told last summer that doing art was MANIC
behavior....I have to say it was very hard to think of ways to talk with out
giving clues to my doctor that I was happy and that I believed everything
happens for a reason...and that reason is always a good I had to
just quit talking and quit listening to him....I paid to go...and came home
and talked to god...I don't even know how much money I paid
out....Well....last school year....they still wondered what my problem
was...My problem was still that "Positive Attitudes Work"...and "Positive
Addictions Work" (that is from my Saint Charles days). I had PAW at both
schools so that was my problem...Super yelled at me in a meeting that they
have forgotten..."What is your Problem!"......Well I hope you are still
reading because I have the answer.

My problem is I "worry about other peoples problems"....but in a good
way....just like I am able to be happy at the choices I make in life...but
in a "good way"....And then in trying to change me---they found they
couldn't. I didn't want to give up my strong family values. They were just
too important to me....all of my are all family...all brothers and sisters so I do
worry about other peoples problems.....I pray to god you will continue to
worry about my problem....because it should. If more folks who do rotten
things to good people would worry then maybe there wouldn't be so many
bullies in this world.....Why should it be up to us who care to do all of
the work? I don't blame those who cause this (and I told my principal
so)....I told him why people like me have a hard time taking it....I said it
is the way we react to such behavior....and I try to find the good in what
happened and learn...SO now I know what his problem is..he did not want to
be scolded by his mother! My kids at school tease me all the time "You are
not my mother"..or "Are you my mother?"...I smile and I am you
conscience talking to you....and they sure come around to me real quick. I
have never had a problem with a student when I reached a child's
conscience....I even reached a child they wouldn't let me talk to a year
ago...I had a detention scheduled to talk to him and work with him and the
principal called his mother and said he didn't have to stay....Oh the
ironies...Well this year, I didn't let anything that child did bother
me....I just prayed for him because I knew the office was not doing anything
to help him...I called his mother after school was out and we had a long
talk....I even talked to the child again. No one ever really tried to give
this child a conscience. I don't blame his mother....she is a lovely
person...and she see the same in me...and I don't blame my administrators
either because they just don't have in their heart what I have in mine.

Well enough said for this one.

Sensational Sunday!

Judy Decker