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Lesson Plans

Re: first days

From: DtGaffney
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 13:59:10 PDT

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    Hi everybody,

    A way to have everyone work on something together, promotes community and is
    I found an interesting first day activity in School Arts that I'm going to
    adapt somewhat. It is modeled after the Where's Waldo books. But it will be
    "Where's the Principal?

    Everybody (grades 1-5) will draw and color with markers their self portrait,
    body and all, and cut out from a 3" x9" pc. of paper, for the younger ones
    1-3 they will draw on something like a cut out doll. Everybody will add
    characteristics about themselves along with their first name ie. hair color,
    musical instrument etc . I will stress making them distinctive. I'll go over
    briefly some cartooning techniques with eyes mouths etc.

    Then the principal will make a self portrait too. I'll glue or staple (not
    sure yet) all the self portraits on a bulletin board with the principal's.
    The next class they can all locate the principal and of course their own. Or
    it could be in cafeteria! Idea- you can change where the principal is from
    class to class for first week (so probably should staple)

    This is my first teaching position in elementary and hope this will go over

    If anybody has any embellishments please let me know.

    Donna G


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