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Re: Art education censorhsip

From: Bill Sechler (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 09:31:40 PDT

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    >>> wuerfeld 07/30 7:26 AM >>>
    I am a student and would appreciate the opinions of experienced art instructors on these questions.
        #1.Do you believe that art instructors should censor art material shown in the classroom?
    Be advised that if you do show any nudity to allow students who are forbidden by parents to view nude humans to leave the room while you show these materials. A polite warning is acceptable the day before so you and the objecting student/parent can be accomidated. Obviously pronographic or erotic art is unacceptabe in the educational setting.
        #2 Should they state that certain ideas, themes and images are not acceptable in the classroom?
    I generally tell my students that they or I should be able to share the art work created or viewed in my classroom could be freely shown to their parents. Adult themes or ideas (sexual) should be avoided, leave that to the parents.
        #3 Should famous works of 'nude' people be presented at all, and if, when?
    Yes. You cannot study art without nudity in the figure being present in most periods/styles, see #1.
        #4 What about images that show topics like violence, war, or other controversial topics?
    The human condition and artist's portrayal of it does graphically document the horrors of war and man's inhumanity to man (Goya and Kollwitz for example), these reminders help man to not repeat these atrocities. Again a class warning should help.
        #5 Does your school district have a set policy on what is allowable, or do you as instructors decide?
    The district does have a policy that videos and films with an R rating are NOT to be shown, parental permission must be obtained for PG and that classroom books, videos and slides should be supplied by educational vendors and approved for student viewing.

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