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Lesson Plans

refreshing a sad tale

From: Bunki Kramer (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 22:17:24 PDT

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    from: Bunki Kramer (
    Los Cerros Middle School
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    >From: E Jane Beckwith <ejb35>
    >I am looking at various school websites now to get some ideas
    > for one at our school. A lot of them are cobweb sites that is, they have not
    > been updated for months or years. Maintaining a Web site takes a lot of time
    and > it looks pretty lame if you can't keep it up by refreshing it every
    week with > something interesting. I hesitate to get started 'cause I am not
    sure I can make .....

    That may be true in your eyes...."people not refreshing it every week with
    something new" but there are concessions some people HAVE to make,
    unfortunately, that are beyond their control.

     In my case, it is the SCHOOL's site and I may not make the final decision
    on what appears on our art page...can you believe?! It must be done by the
    librarian (who is our resident tech guru) who used to be an English teacher
    who MUST okay the wording, etc. After this, I have to work together with the
    OTHER tech lady to actually put it on the website...and I have to turn my
    back (again, would you believe?!) so I can't "see" the school district
    server's secret password being put in to CHANGE the website artwork. It
    probably wouldn't be quite so bad if our tech lady wasn't so loosey-goosey
    and stepped to her own drumbeat which is painfully snail-speed. So far ANY
    changes have each taken at least a week of MY prep time each day. She won't
    work before or after school hours since she doesn't get paid (which is very
    little, I might add). I can't get angry with them because then they wouldn't
    do anything for know how that goes. It would be soooo much easier
    if I had control over our art site (like alot of you seem to have) being the
    only art teacher at our school, but, alas, I must be "checked out" twice
    each time. I'm daily trying to learn the virtue of patience and dealing with
    my frustrations about our art website. It's really hard sometimes!

    You can see our website at....


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