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Re: Art education censorhsip

From: Bicyclken
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 14:40:15 PDT

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     #1.Do you believe that art instructors should censor art material shown in
    the classroom?
    Yes, there are certain subjects like drugs, alcohol, sexual innuendo, and
    such that are not appropriate for the high school classroom. The people in
    public school must attend therefore they do not have to endure things that
    they might find offensive. Good taste and appropriate subject matter should
    be the responsibility of the teacher and when or if a student gets to college
    and still thinks that they need to use these subject areas there is a better
    arena for their art.

     #2 Should they state that certain ideas, themes and images are not
    acceptable in the classroom?
     Yes, see above

    #3 Should famous works of 'nude' people be presented at all, and if, when?

    When discussing art history there will be times when a nude is the subject of
    an artist. Tasteful nude can be used as a learning tool for the
    understanding of an artist. Pornographic nudity is much different and I
    would not tolerate that in class.

    What about images that show topics like violence, war, or other controversial

    Violence is a part of history but if it is just to be violent then no. If it
    is to make a point and perhaps create some thought or discussion then OK.
    Controversial subjects are hard to deal with if the person dealing with them
    is not careful to be tasteful and discrete when using subject matter that
    could hurt the feelings of others. That is not for High School.

    #5 Does your school district have a set policy on what is allowable, or do
    you as instructors decide?

    I don't know of a set policy but I would always check with my principal
    before showing a work if I thought it would be on the edge. I ant his
    support if there is a problem with a parent.

    Ken Schwab
    San Jose CA


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