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Re: Art education censorhsip

From: The Austin's (whest177)
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 07:55:37 PDT

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    I am a student and would appreciate the opinions of experienced art instructors on these questions.
          #1.Do you believe that art instructors should censor art material shown in the classroom?
          First, it would depend strongly on your situation - your administrator, and the community. I censor art reproductions in the lower elementary grades, but let my middle/high school students know there is nudity in the books and to act maturely.

          #2 Should they state that certain ideas, themes and images are not acceptable in the classroom?
          I do not allow symbols (nike, ying-yang, smiley faces, etc), alcohol, student created nudity, guns, drugs, or mushrooms to be created. If I didn't state this then that is all I would get.

             #3 Should famous works of 'nude' people be presented at all, and if, when?
          Absolutely. I begin with middle/high school. I am more careful about what nudity I show in middle school as it embarrases some of them. High school students are exposed to it more frequently.

          #4 What about images that show topics like violence, war, or other controversial topics?
          Again, I do not allow it. It has been my experience that these students are not mature enough to create "art" using these topics. They may create a picture, but it will be more for shock value that personal reflection. Also, in today's schools it is a risk to your job to allow such works.
          #5 Does your school district have a set policy on what is allowable, or do you as instructors decide?
          I personally decide what is allowable, and am very clearcut on what students are allowed.

      Thanks so much,



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