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Lesson Plans

Computers and Art

From: Debra Kozak (berkana)
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 06:25:29 PDT

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    Since I am starting an art program for K-8 from scratch, I am pleased
    just to have an art room and a sufficient supply of traditional art
    materials. However, as I am also married to a man who is a computer
    geek making a good income in IS, I understand the importance of computer
    literacy and proficiency. I have not yet had a chance to see my
    school's computer lab but, as it is a parochial school, it may be a
    hodgepodge of various computers that have been donated or purchased a
    few at a time. I am bringing an old Mac Centris 610 in to keep in my
    classroom. It has been upgraded to its maximum capacity by my husband.
    I plan to use it to access art sites for all grades and do a little
    photo manipulation with the 7th and 8th grade classes. Hopefully, in
    the future I will be able to do more with the creation of art on

    Although I fully understand the importance of students learning to use
    computers to make art...especially in today's personal
    experience with computers in the creation of art, both fine and graphic,
    is somewhat negative. Due to the need to have health insurance, I
    worked as a receptionist for several years at a bottle distributor. The
    company had a one-woman, in-house art department. The administration
    knew I was a qualified artist and had promised me that if there was ever
    an opening in the art department, I would be informed so that I could
    interview for it. However, when an opening did occur, rather than hire
    an artist, the company went with someone who was merely experienced in
    the software as "anyone can do art on a computer". I quit working for
    that company shortly thereafter.

    The other problem for me, personally, is that I cannot sit in front of a
    computer for more than an hour at a time due to neck problems and
    arthritis. Sitting still causes me a great deal of discomfort. I
    pretty much limit my time on the computer to viewing e-mail and
    searching the Internet for useful information. Therefore, I have never
    spent any appreciable time creating art on the computer. I have never
    had an epiphany concerning this particular medium. In fact, I have
    begun creating work that uses traditional materials such as slaked
    plaster gesso and egg tempera. Encaustic painting is on my art "to-do"
    list. But, as I previously stated, computer art is here to stay and
    does have its own strengths. Therefore, I will continue to learn and
    teach its methods.

    Deb K.
    Elyria, OH


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