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Re: Software - to Jackie Aust

From: croberts (croberts)
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 15:48:00 PDT

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    >1. How important is it to use technology in the art classrooms?

    It's very important that we prepare our students for their future...and
    computers are definitely a part of that. The more they know or are familiar
    with before they graduate...the better prepared they will be for whatever
    career they choose.

    There is a lot of emphasis on word processing, spreadsheets, and data
    base...and I feel that computer graphics are going to be a big PLUS in their
    careers. I have been working with computer graphics for the last 10 years.

    My principal wants our art students to not only be familiar with the PC
    platform but also the they are adding a MAC to my classroom this additional to my PC.

    >2. If used, at what level do you really begin having the students use

    I stress having students begin with technology in elementary school. I
    teach a workshop for teachers so that they will know how to use PAINT that
    comes with the computer. They can use this for many things...and also begin
    to show their students how to "create art on the computer". Some of the
    Paint lessons that I use in my workshop are included on my web page listed

    And, by the way, I don't need for anyone to write me and tell me that when
    you use Paint, you "get what you pay for"...because I also have Painter
    Classic,Dabbler, Painter 5, PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Draw,
    Illustrator, and Light Wave...and teach my students how to use them...but I
    know that in the elementary grades and middle school, there are no other
    graphic programs available and no interest to include them at this point.

    So, if they "learn on what they have"'s much easier later on to switch
    over to other programs. Learning to use Paint creates an interest in
    computer graphics with the students.

    >3. What hardware do you feel you should have access to and how often?

    Computer, color ink jet printer (oversized printer, if possible for
    graphics), scanner, digital camera, large screen television, tv elite, and
    Power Point...also, I would suggest a CD that students can save
    images of all of their artwork by creating a portfolio and saving to the CD.
    I have access to all of this at my school...and my students know how to use
    it all.

    >4. What software do you feel is the best and why?

    I kind of answered that above...but I think for high school students, the
    best all-around software would be Paint Shop Pro...easier to use and
    inexpensive (approximate $100 - with a free 30 day trial download from I have students who download, use for 30 days, delete,
    download, use for 30 days, and so....

    >5. For those of you who have used this a lot, how has it benefited your

    They are more prepared for college and the business they can do
    a lot of the things on the computer themselves that I would have to do

    >6. Do students miss out on traditional art classrooms?

    We do not have a separate class...the computer graphics are integrated into
    the regular art classes.

    Jackie...hope this info helps you.

    Carolyn Roberts
    Kinston High School
    Kinston NC 28501
    croberts (Computer Art

    >I am not being totally upfront at this point as to how I am involved
    >with technology in my room. I will do so after I have some feedback
    >from you. I am trying to compare my thoughts to that of my professional


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