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Lesson Plans

Re: Software

From: MarshArt
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 15:02:01 PDT

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    In a message dated 7/28/00 5:33:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Batmom44

    > 1. How important is it to use technology in the art classrooms?

    Ahhh, I may be getting myself in trouble here. First, I want to qualify that
    I am an advocate of digital technology in art. But, i have some reservations

    May daughter-in-law is a graphic artist for a publisher and her work is very
    good. She never took an art course, to study it. She kinda fell into the job
    and learned as she went along. She has no real knowledge of other medias, the
    art elements or artists, and cannot really draw a straight line. She is
    unable to visualize a result before she starts a work but must start with
    "something", like clip art or photo. It is more of a play and try. I wonder
    if this is why so many kids are drawn to computer art...we can get great
    results without the real knowledge or planning, or working through the
    principles of design or whatever. I have seen kids do stuff and they have no
    clue as to why except that they know the program well and can manipulate
    images. BUT, they cannot start from scratch...

    With programs, it is all there for us...textures, forms, even pictures to
    scan and use as a jumping off point. But what about the beginning? What
    about the creation and germination of an idea from nothing??? The thumbnail
    sketches; the color mixing; real hands on stuff where you "feel" the
    materials and work with them instead of a keyboard?

    I admit I have a struggle with this. I have seen kids crank out great stuff,
    but is it the program that does most of it????? I see kids taking a Van Gogh
    and "altering" the image.(Not in my classroom). Is it their work? Can this
    replace the actual painting a reproduction using (Heaven forbid) real
    paint and canvas? We have to be careful not to toss the hands-on of fine
    arts out the window. Let's keep the balance.



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