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Lesson Plans

Re: Software

From: Batmom44
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 14:32:05 PDT

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    jab1997 writes:

    << 1. How important is it to use technology in the art classrooms?
    First of all, technology refers to more than computers. A stapler is
    technology as well as a pencil or brush. So I guess the answer is very
    important. Computer technology is also important. Art students should be
    introduced to all technologies both old and new.
     2. If used, at what level do you really begin having the students use
     technology? My twin preschool grandsons are already quite adept with the
    computer. So the answer would be whenever you think they are ready.
     3. What hardware do you feel you should have access to and how often?
    Computers, scanners, digital cameras, printers, etc., in the art class room
    to be used pretty much every day.
     4. What software do you feel is the best and why? I make entry level
    through professional available in all applications (freehand, vector,
    animation, editing, etc.).
     5. For those of you who have used this a lot, how has it benefited your
     students? My students are graduating with a foundation in traditional art
    media and methods as well as the newer computer assisted methods.
     6. Do students miss out on traditional art classrooms? There is no reaso
    for them to miss out on traditional art classrooms. Make the computer just
    another tool to accomplish their goals. Teaching it separately does not make
    sense. Of course many schools do just that. After my foundation courses in
    which the computer is introduced along with other tools, my students can
    choose to take computer animation, multimedia production, or digital
    photography among other advanced courses such as painting, drawing,
    printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, etc.


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