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Re: Software

From: John Bundy (jibundy)
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 12:59:35 PDT

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    1. How important is it to use technology in the art classrooms?
    ************ At one time a brush or oil paint were the new technology. Maybe
    the question we should ask is (Should we use Digital Technology?) Answer:
    Sure, it's just another "brush"! On of our reasons for existing is to help
    students learn to make and appreciate products that are visually literate.
    Let's face it when the web was text only just a few were willing to use it.
    But when Graphics and Color etc. were added many more people wanted to
    explore it. If art teachers don't teach that design elements and principles
    apply to all things visual ( including the web and digital art) we would be
    negligent in our work.
    2. If used, at what level do you really begin having the students use
    ************ I taught elementary several years ago. I "borrowed" a computer
    that no one missed. K-6 It became the most used computer in the school. I
    had a tablet and a simple drawing program. Two kids even got in a fight over
    the sign-up sheet. I believe when kids find it's more fun to draw than eat
    crayons it's time to have them use crayons. So, when their big enough to not
    chew the cords or throw the mouse and they have an interest. Then they are
    3. What hardware do you feel you should have access to and how often?
    ********** Depends on student maturity and your budget.
    4. What software do you feel is the best and why?
    ******** Basic to start. High end as they gain experience.
    5. For those of you who have used this a lot, how has it benefited your
    ************ One major advantage is the ability to quickly make changes to
    an image and then compare it to the previous or original image. The student
    then can see which image best represents what they are trying to
    communicate. Also undo feature allow a perfect erase. Students like it
    because their mistakes disappear completely.
    6. Do students miss out on traditional art classrooms?
    ******** Remember this is art. We teach the same elements and principles as
    in other media.

    John Bundy

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