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Lesson Plans

Re: Instructions = Different Results RE: Appropriating Ideas

From: croberts (croberts)
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 12:22:55 PDT

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    Marcia...what kind of "directions" do you give them? Like...draw 3 circles
    on your paper...draw 2 squares, but have one overlap one of the

    >I do an opening exercise like this in my Art II classes.I read a series of
    >directions. I do not answer any questions, but I will repeat. When all are
    >finished "doing"the series of directions, I have kids put them up on the
    >board. We look at all of them. Then I ask "What is alike about all of
    >"what is different?" "Which one(s) look "good"? Whis ones are "bad?", etc.
    >Then I summarize by telling the class that this is a perfect example of
    >art is... each student heard the same words, saw me giving the same
    >directions, used the same media yet each "doodle" is unique. Each artist
    >interpreted the information differently- it went in through ears, into
    >out fingers and came out uniquely theirs! This is what I want from each of
    >you! Your own interpretation of whatever I ask you to do. I NEVER want
    >to look like your neighbors, yet it should always have some of the same
    >elements and characteristics.
    >The kids then are asked to add lines, color, shapes, etc. to this "doodle"
    >make it into AN ARTWORK. The product may be realistic, abstract or
    >nonobjective. This is their first assignment in my class. We then critique
    >the "artworks" in a couple of days and bring in criteria such as
    >craftsmanship, composition, skill, creativity, commitment, etc. This sets
    >stage for grading--- establishes what kind of criteria I look for in other
    >work during the year. All who do this assignment get an A to start the qtr.
    >It is a great non-threatening activity!


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