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Re: Instructions = Different Results RE: Appropriating Ideas

From: Mbhirst
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 12:06:37 PDT

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    I do an opening exercise like this in my Art II classes.I read a series of
    directions. I do not answer any questions, but I will repeat. When all are
    finished "doing"the series of directions, I have kids put them up on the
    board. We look at all of them. Then I ask "What is alike about all of these?"
    "what is different?" "Which one(s) look "good"? Whis ones are "bad?", etc.
    Then I summarize by telling the class that this is a perfect example of what
    art is... each student heard the same words, saw me giving the same
    directions, used the same media yet each "doodle" is unique. Each artist
    interpreted the information differently- it went in through ears, into brain,
    out fingers and came out uniquely theirs! This is what I want from each of
    you! Your own interpretation of whatever I ask you to do. I NEVER want yours
    to look like your neighbors, yet it should always have some of the same
    elements and characteristics.
    The kids then are asked to add lines, color, shapes, etc. to this "doodle" to
    make it into AN ARTWORK. The product may be realistic, abstract or
    nonobjective. This is their first assignment in my class. We then critique
    the "artworks" in a couple of days and bring in criteria such as
    craftsmanship, composition, skill, creativity, commitment, etc. This sets the
    stage for grading--- establishes what kind of criteria I look for in other
    work during the year. All who do this assignment get an A to start the qtr.
    It is a great non-threatening activity!


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