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RE: moving to South Africa

From: Lawrence A. Parker (occti)
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 08:16:34 PDT

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      From: Cory [coryh]
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      Subject: moving to South Africa

      I am a theatre teacher in PA contemplating a temporary move to South
    Africa. Does anyone know anything about living there? How are
    opportunities for theatre teachers? Is it safe?
      Cory in PA


      Whereabouts in SA? Johannesburg, Pretoria, SOWETO, one of the northern
    districts? It makes a world of difference, literally, from 1st world
    industrial urban to 3rd world agricultural poverty. I was just involved in
    the hosting of a group of educators from around SA, though most were from
    the northern provinces. I can tell you that they are wonderful people and
    dedicated educators. They need to be; for many of their communities, the
    success of education is a matter of life and death, not only for
    individuals, but for whole communities.

      One thing you will experience there which too few teachers experience here
    is respect and, to some degree, awe. Part of this has simply to do with the
    fact that you are from the U.S. But a significant part has to do with the
    fact that you are considered a person of knowledge, and someone who has the
    skills to cultivate knowledge in others.

      If you know where you're going, let me know and I may be able to get more
    information for you, possibly even some contacts. Right now my only contact
    there is with a professor at the Univ. of SA in Pretoria.

      Best of luck; it will be a valuable experience for you.



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