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Lesson Plans

Re: Arts and Activities

From: Janjarreau
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 15:28:02 PDT

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    Good points Leah. First I think it is good how teachers are able to keep and
    access files and work hard in general to use their resources. On the other
    hand we can tend to get comfortable and lazy about using our own imagination
    when it is so easy to select from the sources we have. I am guilty of these
    things too. I find that I am my most creative when I make a mistake. At
    that point I become fearless and go way out on a limb because I figure I have
    already messed it up. My end result is usually amazing and I wonder why I
    don't take more chances. I started out being able to paint very tight a
    realistic. Now I may start out that way and then end up attacking the canvas
    with good results!
        I guess there are so many good ideas out there and so little time to try
    them all that we figure why bother stretching the brain. Lately I have been
    working on my critical thinking skills. Since I will be asking my students
    to think, I decided I had better do so too. It is nice though to have those
    back issues.
    In a message dated 7/25/00 3:36:37 PM Central Daylight Time,
    litesal writes:>
    > This also gets me thinking about originality in general . . . is anything
    > do in art really new? I can't tell you how many times I've visually
    > responded to an issue in what I thought was a unique way, only to open up
    > Art in America, or ArtNews and see that some other contemporary artist got
    > there first! Then I think, did I see that before, or are we (the other
    > artist and I) coming from the same experience? It reminds me of when I was
    > child, I used to try to write songs, but every tune I came up with was
    > inadvertently copied!
    > Just some rambling thoughts . . .
    > Leah


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