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Lesson Plans

Re: cowboy projects

From: Henry Taylor (taylorh)
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 09:26:56 PDT

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    Greeting from ever sunny Tucson, Michal; home of flashfloods and

    Cowboy art. What do we do out here in cactus land? Well we want
    other cowpokes to keep their mits off our dogies and when we are
    having a big barbeque to be able to find our little ranchito.
    Brands are a very useful thing in this regard. Come on down to
    the Rocking K Ranch--put a rocker on the bottom of a capital K
    There were lots of ranches in the old days and lots of famous
    Brands with design conventionsa like rocking, lazy, or bar. Does
    anyone out there have a BOOK with more info? I don't off-hand.

    Lets see what else.

    Well neckerchiefs are good when you are out riding the wire;
    keeps the sun off your neck and dust outta yer nose but when we
    get duded up we like Bolo or leather string ties with a custom
    made silver ornament to slide up to the collar line and add some
    sparkle under the chin. Adding a little turquoise coral or
    obsidian, maybe fancy intitials, wouldn't hurt. The ladies wear
    'em too. Nice diamond braided "String" would be good to hang the
    thing on--leathet or hobbiest vinyl would do.

    When ya got nothing to do some of the scouts have been known to
    make baskets out of baling wire. Useful for spare bits ya save
    for patching tack or to give yer lady friend to gather eggs.

    If ya got some leather you could emboss a nice picture on it
    stain it up pretty and add some laces to make all kinds of stuff
    like purse or wallet a sketch book cover lots of stuff. You might
    want ta mention that sailors and miners all did similar kinds of
    things in their part of the world and from different kinds of
    --like whales teeth or coal that have ended up in museums too.

    And finally when a cowpoke dies his buddies chip in for a
    infrequently out west, one made of WOOD. Some pals will just make
    one up
    by themselves with a nicely lettered and witty epitaph.

    "Here lies Lester Moore
    Four slugs from a .44
    No Les No More."
            (probably the most famous epitaph in the OLD Tombstone AZ
    Boot Hill)

    Vaqueros, cowboys from south of the border instead often get a
    more fancy send off
    decorated with paper flowers, wreaths, candles, figurines and
    other symbolic

    Hope this helps!

    Happy Trails Lil' Pardner, just don't deface the cactus, OK?


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