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Lesson Plans

Re: teaching contemporary art

From: Henry Taylor (taylorh)
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 13:36:48 PDT

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    Dear Louise,

    Terry was a visiting Professor when I took Aesthetics from him at
    the U of A. Excellent class! Excellent professor!! I learned a
    lot. We didn't always agree, but that was the neatest part of
    all. I've always been a challenge as a student but rarely felt so
    respected for my "deviance"! <VBG> I worked harder a s a result.

    I've come late to art education; it being my third (or is it
    fouth?) career. Almost time to retire. NOT!

    Your hero is Howard Gardener? Mine is Gregory Bateson who's texts
    have taught me so much about visual perception and mind. Gardner
    IS truly great as well. (maybe we should have a heroes thread?)

    Just now in Arts Ed (or Ed in general for that matter) I think
    that there is just too much material available to assimilate it
    all in the forms it is currently in. We await an era of
    consolidation to structure it into more managable chunks. (We
    also could do with a more planetary (and even a more biological)
    sense of the history of our processes of learning. But, as usual
    that's just me) Also students need more time in a classroom
    before being set loose in the world. Even a virtual classroom to
    manage would be helpful---shouldn't be much harder to program
    than Doom or The Sims :-)



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