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Re: visual discovery journals

From: Mbhirst
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 07:29:21 PDT

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    In a message dated 07/22/2000 12:05:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
    yvlewis writes:

    << Would you require a set number of entries or specific topics? How often
     would it be collected. What would be the grading scale?
    I use this visual journal idea with my advanced students and it works very
    well. I DO require an entry a day...even if it is just the "Word/Quote of the
    Day" which I put on the board each morning.I make a ritual out of journal
    time at the beginning of every class period. 5 min. while I take attendance,
    get prepared or whatever. The entire group of journal entries counts as 10%
    of the quarter grade. I count each day as one point then figure a percentage
    from that ie. if there are 50 days in quarter and a student completes 35
    journal entries their percentage is 35/50 or 70% or a C. This grade averages
    with the other weighted parts of the grade such as class assignments,
    critiques, quizzes, etc. There are problems with this system however-- 1) I
    must check and record points for journal entries daily or weekly to prevent
    them from doing all 50 entries the night before sketchbooks are due (at the
    end of the qtr.)
    I'm not real good at this kind of perpetual assessment.
    2) this doesn't really reward the students who really "get into" this process
    and actually use their entries in later artworks or for reflective writing
    because the kids who simply copy down the "Word of the Day" get a point as do
    the kids who do something meaningful or creative.However, like other
    activities you have kids do, the student benefits in ways other than grade
    points if they do the work. The ones who don't do it lose out on the
    enrichment and can you force kids to explore?
    3) it seems that right-brained learners LOVE doing this--left or middle
    brained learners don't like it. Am I punishing kids for their learning style?

    Just a few thoughts from me--.
    Marcia in Illinois


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