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Re: Art, PE, Drama, and Dance???

From: Susan Bennett (sbennett)
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 22:36:37 PDT

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    There are many links between artists and other areas of art. For example
    Picasso did sets for ballet. His life was involved with artists from all
    forms. Perhaps you could do units employing general areas of art music
    pe.drama etc. I know that the Stravinsky
     knew Picasso and also knew Ballanchine . I understand that the puppetteer
    that was working with Jim Henson (I can't remember the other artsist name)
    fashioned Big Bird after Ballachine. I read this is a dance magazine about a
    year ago. I believe Calder did sets, movement. balance harmony all of the
    key principals in visual arts have counterparts in dance, acting etc. My
    daughter is a ballet dancer .Over the years I have observed that the
    children in the arts also excell in other arts or pe areas.

    Improvisation is fun and very creative. Add a simple scarf to movement and
    start a costume. Mime, makeup, The list could be endless. Play a game of
    baseball, then correograph a dance that mimicks the game for dance, Act it
    out with words, and without, compare and contrast the two models. Research
    a culture together. Learn something in all of the arts area for a particular
    time period in that culture.
    From: christine kotarsky <ernst85>
    To: ArtsEdNet Talk <artsednet>
    Date: Thursday, July 13, 2000 2:05 PM
    Subject: Art, PE, Drama, and Dance???

    >I hope someone who reads this is a PE teacher or A Drama teacher or a Dance
    >teacher, or knows someone or something to help.
    >Next year my school (which only has 250 elem students)is going art
    >intergrated. Excellent!!! In order for me to be full time I will be
    >PE and art and gifted and tallented. I have a few hats to fill.
    >I am so happy to be at this school but the PE drama and dance has me in a
    >idea bind. The principal wants dance and drama included in the PE class.
    >Plus I suppose the "gym" part. Competive sports is definaltelly not my
    >I'm sure once a week wont be to hard and I plan on it to be fun, for me and
    >the students. I will only be going into my second year of teaching and my
    >area is art.
    >Does anyone have some great advice for me? Any ideas on how to incorparate
    >PE, art, dance, drama into some cool units? I thought of mask making in
    >and native dance and music in PE.
    >Any help will be so appreciated. Thanks CHristine
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