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Lesson Plans

Re: teaching contemporary art

From: Henry Taylor (taylorh)
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 19:32:50 PDT

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    > Even if you're not as knowledgeable as you would like to be,
    you could
    > still gain some insight and influence your friends by
    conducting an
    > aesthetic scanning . . .

    I guess my only problem with aesthetic scanning is that it is
    essentially reductionistic and very effectively reduces a work of
    art into its components. In a work like a Rothko which is often
    discussed in spiritual terms I suspect any possibility of a
    spiritual experience or epiphany response would be effectively

    I just had this idea! Has anyone ever attempted a "reverse
    scanning"? Person A scans "work X" aloud on tape and then person
    B attempts to reconstruct (construct?) a work derived from the
    information contained in the scanning. You could hand out media
    to the class and playback a taped scanning and then discuss the
    resultant collection of class efforts. If you wanted to be really
    strict you could block students views of other efforts so that
    each result would reflect each students unique understanding of
    the scanning. OR you could just have your 4 best artists respond
    to the scanning while the rest of the class wandered about
    looking over their shoulders and preparing for the post-exercise
    discussion. (Terry Barrett where are you when I need you?)

    I don't know how much this would tell you about the original work
    (my original point being that not much in the way of deep insight
    results from scanning) but I bet you'd get some interesting and
    original responses from the students which responded to the
    elements and principles of art and design!



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