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Lesson Plans

Re: Jan's classroom (no more a mystery)& after school job

From: Janjarreau
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 14:27:03 PDT

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    > Jan did you say that this was a full time job? Plus the two after school?
    > Personally, I couldn't do it. But I'm older
    Good luck!! Betsy

    Hey Betsy and all,
        The middle school is a full time job, but the after school thing is only
    once a week and for 1 &1/2 - 2 hours. It will be from 4:00-5:30 or 6:00 at
    the latest, once a week. I decided not to do the Blind School thing because
    Many wrote me and said
    I was taking on too much my first year. I may do it spring semester since
    the other after school class is just for the fall semester. The first one
    could also grow, but don't know. I will try it and this fall and see what
    it except for the sink leaks real bad. I hope they fix it. At least I am
    not in the classroom that floods. I plan to get in there next week to set up.
     The other thing is, I don't know if I will have any art supplies to start
    school with. I will just take one day at a time because there is no sense
    worrying about it. I am sure things will work out. I know I will get $600.00
    EEF money, but don't know when. This district has no Art Budget. I will have
    to rely on a list of supplies I will give out to the students and hope they
    bring it in. They also need to remove a Hugh amount of boxes (supplies) from
    the room and since it was an English classroom last year. I will need tables
    instead of desks. The English teacher quit to be a Nanny in New York so they
    will need to get all of her stuff out too. I don't know if I will have ANY
    supplies to start teaching with. That means NO ART SUPPLIES to teach art!
    Guess my creativity will be tested right off!
        My kids are grown and my husband is being supportive about my jobs. I
    have waited so long to make real money, he is just glad I am getting the
    opportunity. The side line class is only 1 semester, so if it doesn't work
    out I just won't do it again. Maybe it will be good and I can get that extra
    money. I am trying to keep calm about it. Thanks to all you veteran teachers
    for all of your continued support. I know from being on this list that there
    are other teachers who have it far worse than I and also many who are still
    trying to land a job. Three other middle schools called me within the past
    few days so they are hiring here. Good luck to all of you for this upcoming
    year. It will be a wild ride :) Thanks.


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