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Lesson Plans

Re: Simple Substitute Plans

From: croberts (croberts)
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 19:19:08 PDT

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    I didn't say we (in HS) don't do it...we're told to do it and told to have
    it on on our desk at all times...they just don't come around and check to
    see if you do it. We do have forms that the sub completes regarding the
    info that the teacher leaves for the that's their opportunity to
    let administration know whether or not the info was available.

    >>>when I was in middle school, they (administration) would
    >> check to see if you had your folder set up. They don't do that in HS...
    >Speaking from a Sub's point of view: They SHOULD check every teacher's sub
    >folder, especially at the HS level. How's a sub supposed to know where to
    >go if there's a fire/drill? Who's diabetic and gets to have a snack the
    >others don't get, or gets to go to the nurse for blood test or whatever?
    >How up to date are your seating charts in the folder? Who in admin is in
    >charge of discipline, and what is his/her intercom #? Which kid in each
    >class can I trust to tell the truth/do the right thing/run an errand?
    >All this stuff should be in the sub folder, PLUS legitimate plans for the
    >day, even if they are simple. The kids aren't stupid; they know when
    >leaving "busy work" for them, and they behave accordingly.


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