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Lesson Plans

Re: Simple Substitute Plans

From: Ann Heineman (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 09:01:14 PDT

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            All the ideas I have seen submitted on this topic are excellent
    references. Thank you. Re: the knitty gritty-- at the elementary level
    there is a lot of preparation required for a sub, especially for primary
    and kindergarten level children! In my plans I must list procedures for
    fire and tornado drills, restroom and drinking fountain passes, medically
    and behaviorally fragile students, names of students with severe allergies
    and how to administer epipen (sp?) injections--(yes,we must all know how to
    do this!), school lock down alert system because of an "intruder," names of
    problem parents in custody cases who might grab a kid from my class, the
    list goes on and on and can change daily. One thing I have done that the
    subs appreciate is to have a seating chart with the child's picture on it.
    I do my own candid snap shots of each class every year and paste the
    students' pictures to the roster or seating chart. In addition, the nurse
    gives every special area teacher a laminated photo info sheet on the
    children who have severe medical issues. We keep these (confidential) in
    our sub folders. I wish planning for a substitute were as easy as some of
    these nice activity plans you have offered. Teaching in the trenches "down
    at the elementary" is tough work and requires tremendous stamina and
    organization skills. The hours we spend "on task" never lessen, even with
    experience. We do develop a twisted sense of humor for survival of the
    "Administratium Element."
                     Ann-on-y-mouse in Columbus
    PS I am going to be signing off the list temporarily on Saturday because I
    am headed to Europe for a 12 day tour! Will tell you about it when I get
    back. That is, if the list members want to read posts from me anymore.

    |I also leave a standard sheet (I run off about 10 each year) of all the
    |little nick-picky things I like to have checked in my room like..."check the
    pencil and earaser blks. of wood to see everything's there before they
    leave"...etc. This sheet I staple to the day's lesson plan sheet (no use
    having your room messy when you return, hum?).


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