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Lesson Plans

Re: Simple Substitute Plans High school

Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 10:32:32 PDT

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    My sub plans are similar to Bunki's in that my students 'know what to do'
    when I am not there. The rhythm in my class is such that once I have
    introduced what we are about to do, kids work on their ideas/thesis, by
    doing thumbnails. I then work with each one, and then they go on their way
    to work, until group crits. Unless I am out the day of crits, (and even
    then, they can push the crits to the next day and continue working), they do
    in fact, "know what to do". I start this 'rhythm' with my beginning
    students and follow it through for all of the art classes, so that anyone
    can sub, and on odd instances, no one can sub. (I know that is not allowed,
    but if I have to have a conference out in the hall with another teacher or
    administrator while my class is going on, I have no fear what I will find
    going on inside the room). Subs enjoy coming to the class because
    essentially they have nothing to do, and if they ask a student 'what are you
    doing?' the kid can actually tell them! For those 'odd kids out' who choose
    not to work (and I too have them), they are listed on the sub sheet, with
    the proviso that they are NOT to disturb other kids who choose to work. (I
    believe that life is about choices, and if you choose to fail, by golly I'll
    help you do that.)

    As for elementary sub plans...try the book called The Anti Coloring Book, it
    sparks creativity, is a jumping off point for kids, and they can have fun
    with it.

    San D


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