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Lesson Plans

Re: Kids and perfection was RE: Remington and Russell

From: Henry Taylor (taylorh)
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 15:16:28 PDT

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    Funny you should mention digital cameras. I've picked up 2 so far
    so that the kids can play with them and their notions of the
    importance of representational perfection.

    For one thing I know that the camera won't give them what they
    THINK they are seeing but it can get them closer to feeling
    successful. I'm thinking of pointing them at photo collage and
    seeing if we can get past the ""seeming"" barriers of maturity
    and technical skill and play more directly with composition.

    I have no idea how many teachers burned out their vocal chords
    telling me "important" things over and over. I "got it" when I
    got it. ;-) Usually it took a long long time. (Hmmmmmmm obviously
    I have to remind myself about this with regard to my OWN teenager
    just now!)

    Unexpected (unintended) results and happy accidents are things we
    eventually learn, as artists, to go with. Some of us come harder
    to relinquishing the illusion of control than do others. (AND,
    after making the transition, we can easily get carried away for a
    while too)

    Duchamps might argue with you about whether orr not art just
    "happens" Even Picasso let a few bits of unashamed extemp
    elaboration slip in. I'm not so sure how important it is to
    insist that art be created. If you wander back through the museum
    I bet you will find examples of "art" which were metamorphed into
    art by curators and directors. This is especially true when, in
    modern terms, we deal with the so-called tribal or primitive
    artifacts which are displayed as art. Any anthropologist will
    tell you that they are nothing like art---as it is commonly or
    popularly discussed today. Certainly has little if anything to do
    with creativity. Creativity is quite often frowned upon relative
    to traditional, spiritual, phenomena.



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