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Re: ADA Tenant Landlord problem

From: L. P. Skeen (
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 17:12:49 PDT

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    Kimberly, I'd go straight to the media guy w/ this one. Nothing fixes
    things like some serious publicity.

    Good luck; let us know how it turns out.
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    > I know several of you are very well versed in ADA requirements and I hope
    > you might be able to help my coworker. She lives a senior citizens complex
    > and the building manager is being verbally abusive to those tenants who
    > walkers and scooters. He has banned them from one of the two laundry
    > Even though the company just bought a bus with a lift, he will not allow
    > them to take their scooters on the bus. This is the only transportation
    > have to the grocery store. He tell them they have to use the scooters
    > provided by the stores, but the number of tenants who need them out number
    > the scooters the stores provide. He threatens them if they try to take
    > complaints to a higher level.
    > I called the city manager and his office gave me the address and phone
    > number for the federal DOJ's office on the ADA (civil rights division),
    > the building manager here in the cactus is going to give us some state
    > information. I have suggested finding out who his supervisor is and filing
    > complaint with them giving them 30 days to remedy the situations or
    > complaints will be filed with the feds and state of TX. I've also
    > they file a complaint the Better Business Bureau. And if nothing else
    > call the media in (the anchor for one local station is a docent that
    > If you have any other suggestions please e-mail them to me off list at
    > kimberly
    > Thanks,
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