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Lesson Plans

Re: synectic games

From: Yvette Lewis (yvlewis)
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 06:33:24 PDT

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    > I have never played this game but always wanted to after I got into hs.
    > book Art Synetics (by Nicolas Rourke?) has a game in it that is played to
    > music

    This message got a little long!

    I have done this project with my 7th graders. It was really great, They got
    into it. I split them into groups of three. They were to be from different
    planets that could only communicate with certain symbols. One could only
    make dots, one lines and one amophous shapes. I had it more specific but the
    plans are at school. I then timed their "communication" only one person
    "talking at a time" We then looked at the work of Kandinsky. The final group
    project was a cube. Each side of the cube had to connect and flow to its
    adjacent side. Some were painted some used makers. It was a very long and
    involved lesson based on the concepts of synectics. Speciffically the
    compressed conflict idea. So the main idea was frozen flowing. the cubes
    were in three different sizes, 6X6" , 8X8" and I think I had one 12x12" one
    year. They were great!

    I have used the Synectics books extensively for the 7th grade. My
    supervisor, when I was first hired (14 years ago) walked into a meeting with
    a pile of these books and announced that this was our new 7th grade
    curriculum! The teachers who had been there a long time really were angry
    but as a new teacher, I just did as I was told. It has been very interesting
    though. I did some extended research on Gordon who coined the word

    Anyone interested let me know.


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     Seems like it is a design project on a large sheet of bulletin board
    > paper. Students are divided into groups and have different tools for
    > stamping designs (round sponge, square, etc.) . A tape is recorded which
    > has different kinds of music, when the music changes the students stamp
    > their designs on the paper. I know I seem really vague here and I might
    > even be combining two projects, but my book is at school.
    > I did make an Art Bingo game using general terms (media, elements,
    > principles, form) as an introduction to the language of art. Also, every
    > item has a visual and the written term. It's very simple because we don't
    > call out "B - relief sculpture", just "relief sculpture". Everyone
    > eventually wins because the teams that win have to clear their board and
    > start from scratch, while the others keep playing. All winners earn a
    > They always play until everyone wins, too.
    > This summer I made a "McGugan's Color Bingo". It's more complicated and
    > uses words or phrases that coordinate with definitions. For example,
    > "yellow, red, orange" is "warm colors". It does use the bingo letters. I
    > made it on Publisher so it looks better than my first game. It would be
    > more of a review than an introduction.
    > Joy
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