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Lesson Plans

Right Brain/Left Brain

From: LM Paris (paris)
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 18:19:40 PDT

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    Hi Le Ann and Everyone,

    Thank you so much for the advice!

    First, I must say that we are not actually doing the study. We are only

    learning about the process by writing the first 3 sections of 5 of a
    research paper. In other words, we are only doing the proposal.

      I was considering focusing on a correlational study (simple, right?)
    to find out if there is a correlation between achievement in art and
    left side dominance. Here is how. 1)The achievement is a factor
    that is already taken care of because I will define it by using students

    in the upper level art class, Advanced Studio. They must have had a 90%

    or better in Drawing to get into this 2 year art class. 2) My science

    teacher friend has an activity/quiz so you can find out which side of
    your body is your dominant side. I would use that the find out the
    ratio of left side/right side dominance in Advanced Studio student and
    the ratio in a random sample of high school students. I want to find
    out if there is a higher percentage of Left-side dominance in the
    advanced art classes. What sparked my curiosity about this is realizing

    that half of the art teachers in my dept. are left handed. Maybe I
    should change my population to art teachers? hmmm???

    Anyway, I have found articles about types of activities that use
    different sides of the brain. Finding out if my Advanced Studio
    students are the same or different than the general population may cause

    me to look into changing some activities I do now. Or if the way we, as

    art teachers in my dept., go about teaching a concept is really the best

    way. These are just possibilities, at the end of my paper, for future
    research. But like I said, we are not even going to do the study.

    So, does this sound a more feasible? Do you have any more advice?


    PS. Educational Research by Gay is the text we are using in class.


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