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Lesson Plans

Re: classroom art games

From: CastinPhan
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 21:03:09 PDT

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        I recently heard someone adapting Jeopardy to a board football game. I
    tweaked the idea a bit. First I made a football field with yard markers out
    of several pieces of construction paper...and laminated it. Then a series of
    art questions, relating to the lesson, were made. Divide the class up into
    two teams. They can make up team names if they wish. Have a coin toss and
    who ever wins can the first team to answer questions. I have the
    questions grouped into yards gained...5, 10, and 15 yards. The questions get
    tuffer the more yards they are worth. Each correct answer they gain those
    yards. They can choose to run the ball, or pass the ball. If they answer
    incorrectly the other team has a chance to answer. If the defense answers
    correctly on a run, the offense looses the number of yards the question is
    worth. If the defense answers correctly on a pass, they intercept the ball
    for the number of yards the question is worth. If neither team gets the
    correct answer, the ball stays where its at. I know, gets confusing. Teams
    can also be penalized yards. For example, if someone shouts out an answer and
    it is not their turn, their team gets penalized those yards. If the other
    team answers out of turn then they are penalized. Poor sportsmanship is an
    automatic 15 yard penalty.
        I haven't been able to try it yet, I'm still working the bugs out. If you
    have any questions, or this sounds confusing, email me and I'll do my best to
    explain it. Hope this helps.
    Sal Pienschke
    Anne M Jeans Elementary
    Burr Ridge, Illinois


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