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Re: Left brain/right brain help

From: SheSails2
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 19:30:31 PDT

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    Lynn Marie,
        Oh my, Introduction to Research topics. (I shudder at the thought.) Hope
    this little note might be of some interest to you. If not, just know that
    there are several of us who will be thinking of you as you plow through the
    books and papers. If this message doesn't help, delete it, but know I wish
    you good luck in your quest.

    >>>>>>>>I was considering doing a comparison between the percentage of left
    hand dominance in students in advanced art classes (or maybe art teachers)
    vs. the percent of left hand dominance in the general population.
         Consider how you would be able to document these statistics..from where
    would they come? Would you have to survey every art teacher in the nation as
    to the total number of right vs. left handed art students they had in their
    classes, and could you compile all this information in time to satisfy this
    required class (six weeks)?
    1) Theories about the similarities/differences between the right/left
          --- Lots of educational journals available for this topic---Lots of
    research in this area, too. Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
    has a good bibliography for further research.

    2) Percentage of the population that favors their left hand, or left
    body (leg, eye, etc.)
          ---Think about what questions you want answered with this information.
    Add more to this area, or it might be a short report--What if you discovered
    that, for example, only ten percent (not a real fact) of the population
    favored using their left hand or left foot? What then? How is whether an
    artist is right or left handed important to whatever facts you plan to

    3) Research relating to relationships between art and how the brain works
       ----Again, there is a lot of information in this area of research. Most
    artists I know process information in a variety of ways, which depends on the
    learning styles of the individual, and may or may not have anything to do
    with right brainedness.

        As I think about what I might do if faced with this awesome task, I would
    find it interesting to select, say maybe, three, of my favorite artists and
    see if there was any information about them as young art students that could
    be documented. (Lots of information on Picasso--see Creating Minds, by Howard
    Gardner, for a start) What of their earliest chartacteristics might make them
    "right brained"? (Good compare and contrast) Did they favor a particular
    hand? How has this information been presented, or has it? And finally, if
    these artists were in my(your) classroom today, how could I(you) plan
    activities to encourage development? What kinds of art activities would
    I(you) plan? Why?

    Good luck. Let the list know how it goes.
    Paula Puckett


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