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Argentine colleague is back!

From: ErickyPat (ErickyPat)
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 19:31:49 PDT

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    Hi dear group

    I had disappeared for a long while because of an unbelievable event. Through this incomparable list my whole life have taken an incredible turn. Some months ago, when I've reached this list, I'd introduced myself as an argentine art teacher looking for on opportunity at your country. I sent many emails to some of you and to the list telling about my actual job and our educational system. God was obviously willing to help me, and He did it. One of the members of the list is living at my country and working at the Lincoln School at Buenos Aires. She read my postings and as they had a vacancy at their school she wrote offering me the job. Next day I phoned her, and we settled an appointment for me next day. We met at school and we became friends, I would say, at the spot. Then she did all the arrangements for me to have that same day an interview with the Superintendent and the Dean. For that time I thought I was dreaming! Some minutes later I was sitting at the boss's office surrounded by my new friend, him and another lady. Later I was asked to leave the room for a while. When they went out everybody was smiling and I was conducted to meet some other people, even to the administrator. After that the Dean turned in and we went on with the interview. He asked me about my teaching experience (18 years) and how I could managed preadolescents of Middle School. He was also very interested on my experience at our National new Educational Plan.

    After 3 hours and a half of meeting so many people, I came out to find my worn out husband waiting for me in our car at the street. He was exhausted more than I was because he didn't know what was going on inside.

    Next day my colleague left for her vacations abroad. But before leaving she phoned to wish me good luck.

    And I got it!

    I was offered the job a week after that and after a mild negotiation, I said "YES".

    Everything was excellent except for the detail that we had to plan moving my house to the new area in less than a month. So we started a desperate search of our new home, visiting each real state agent that we came across, looking at the classified adds of every journal, sending emails, etc. After two weeks we found the house. And in two weeks more we will be there.

    As you can see things changed so quickly that I've almost forgot about everything else. Ah! And I haven't told you that meanwhile I went on working, saying "bye bye" to my actual students, other teachers, friends and solving bureaucratic problems of all kinds.

    This had been very exciting days in many ways

      1.. I found the dreamed job at my own country
      2.. I am considered for the first time as a professional on my own career
      3.. I have to leave my affections back, very deep relationships with my pupils, other teachers and my own former school
      4.. My young daughter has to change school all of a sudden, at the middle of the year
      5.. I have to leave my house and family
      6.. We all have to adapt ourselves to the new house
    You probably will be saying " but who can understand you? You were thinking of moving into a foreign country and now you feel so dizzy about moving of town? Yes, you are right. It seems like that we people are never completely happy about our destiny. But I am happy, very happy indeed. But everything happened so fast that perhaps I hadn't time yet to sit down and think about my own luck.

    All the same, I just wanted to share my experience with you and once again send my greetings to all of you and my thankfulness to this list, which helps us so much in so many ways.



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