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Lesson Plans

Re: Substitute Teachers Unite at last

From: L. P. Skeen (
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 16:19:37 PDT

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    >>Top of my list was an accurate attendance and seating chart.

    Amen to that! So many times I go into a classroom and don't get a seating
    chart. It is then inevitable that the 3 worst kids in teh class will sit
    together and swear those are their "assigned seats".

    > Next was plans that made sense that even a non art teacher could

    Story: Our sub system is managed by a calling machine. The teacher calls
    the machine and tells it what day and time s/he needs a sub, then the
    machine starts calling until it finds a sub to accept the position. It will
    call you over and over until you just wanna yank the phone outta the wall if
    you don't learn how to shut it off. In our house, we refer to the machine
    as The Monster.<G>

    One day when I hadn't been subbing long, the phone rang and the Monster
    wanted me to be at Grimsley HS to teach "basic math" at 1pm. Fine. I go to
    the school, and lo and behold, the monster lied. The teacher I was in for
    teaches Calculus and Algebra II and Geometry. Well. I have a documented LD
    in math; barely passed Alg. 1a & 1b to get out of HS. This teacher left
    written instructions that I was to teach this stuff to the class. He
    apparently thought they'd gotten him a certified Math sub on 2 hours'
    notice!!! Can you say STUDY HALL? ;)
    >>What I learned about myself was that I am a good teacher. I could walk
    into any classroom, any subject and maintain the classromm, and even teach a

    Me too, except for advanced math. (Sorry Bunki...)



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