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new art room - supply questions

From: L. E. Horvath (dulcius)
Date: Sun Jul 16 2000 - 08:57:22 PDT

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    Hi everyone!
    As previously stated, I am finally preparing to begin my first job as a REAL art teacher after several years of teaching day care, subbing, and a year of teaching kindergarten. I will be teaching art to 7 - 11 graders in a school which is just opening, and thus has no pre-existing art room. I just had a couple of ordering questions:
    -I am thinking of ordering the Speedball Printmasters press (w/12" x 24" bed) for relief printing. When I took printmaking in college, we always soaked any paper we were going to put through the press (as opposed to "spooning" it), then blotted it, then put it through this HUGE, ancient printing press with several felt blankets and layers of cardboard, which produced a sort of embossed effect. In the Sax catalog which Judy so kindly provided me with, the only blankets I see listed are "Felt Etching Blankets". Would I need (or even want) to use blankets with the type of press I described?

    - It seems to me that purchasing a copy stand with lights (p. 282 in Sax) would be more cost efficient than purchasing sets of slides, especially since I could potentially get only the images that I want. Taking into account the cost of purchasing and developing film, would this really be a better deal?

    - Has anyone tried the "Liquid Chalk" markers? Are they as cool as they look to use on windows, glass, etc.?

    -Has anyone used Laguna Ovencraft clay? I am not planning to get a kiln right away, and wondered if this would be any kind of a substitute.

    Sorry for the length of the post, and thanks for your input! I'm so excited to be actually ordering supplies!!
    -Lydia in Toledo


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