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Lesson Plans

Discipline--for positive learning atmosphere

From: mdecker (mdecker)
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 13:25:33 PDT

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    My assistant principal has helped me develop a strong discipline program in
    my classroom. I have developed a one page sheet that I simply record the
    infractions for each period...The students put their own name in and the
    reason. When I have time, I enter the names into an Access Data Base so I
    can see frequency of infractions (When I was working on the art show , I
    told the boys I didn't have time to call their parents so I was going to
    make them do it for me during class...stopped all the misbehavior! I am
    doing that from now on). This was much easier for me than having one page
    per student (I have these forms too). Usually all it would take for the
    child to get one warning recorded and the behavior would stop. They even
    had me put my own name in the book when I made a mistake. This made
    discipline "fun". Rarely would a student get a minor misconduct then in the
    class period. I only turned students in for disciplining with my
    administrator if the were major disruptions outlined in the school handbook.
    The major disruptions were then handled immediately by him. I found with my
    students that if they did Tuesday Thursday school for minor stuff they just
    got angrier in my class. I tried to talk to the disruptive students
    privately to find out what was going on. When they said it was the fault of
    someone else...then I called both of them out so we could come to some kind
    of agreement. I tell my students that I will always be fair and listen to
    their side when it comes to discipline problems. There was only one boy I
    could not reach this last spring....he was just one angry child. I will have
    him again next spring and maybe I can make a difference then.

    I like Holly's idea of using the Bonus Points to "catch them being good". I
    awarded points for acts of kindness in the fall....but then had trouble
    keeping track. I like Holly's idea of having the students keep track of
    them...then turn them in for some kind of reward (candy jar treat or
    whatever). I will send the bonus points too if you request (I used a fancy
    font on them so you may have to alter)

    If anyone is interested in this discipline form (same one posted last
    spring) please mdecker

    Judith Decker

    P.S. Just found out today the counter top is in for the we will
    finally be done soon...yeah! You folks guessed right...since the digest was
    short today, I read it after all...


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