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pe/drama/dance-long post

From: KPRS (kprs)
Date: Thu Jul 13 2000 - 14:31:26 PDT

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    My immediate and gut reaction is to put on a production. In one of the
    highschools that I went to (don't ask) our phys ed department had a
    every year, which was a real big whoop in that school. The school was
    into halves, each half represented a color of the school colors (i.e.
    the red
    team and the blue team). Each 'class' knew what team they were on.
    'class' had to prepare a 'routine' that the whole class did as a group,
    with music and costumes. My group did Dance McCabre (MaCabre Mountain
    classical piece, but I don't remember who/where etc, it was in l967),
    and we all
    did a combination gymnastics (basic forward rolls for me!), tumbling,
    that as a class we DESIGNED under the guidance of our teacher. These
    kids were
    fanatacal about this (the whole dang school went nuts about "Sports
    Night" as it
    was called),and we worked a L O N G time on it. As my expertise was
    art, I
    designed the costumes. We were skeletons, and did movements similar to
    Jackson's moves in Thriller (OK so in our HEADS they were similar!). I
    did the
    face make up and the skeleton costumes for 30 girls). Every group
    worked in a
    similar fashion. The older kids obviously did harder 'tricks'. Of
    course in my
    day we were seperated by sex as well. The whole town showed up for this
    extravaganza, and each team competed against each other, i.e. blue girls
    grade vs red girls 9th grade. Local celebrities judged, using the
    "costumes", "use of theme", "crispness of movements" "unity" "use of
    type of assessment. All I remember is that my best friend at the time,
    (Cookie)Justice was 'picked' to be the Red Team captain, whose job was
    "introduce" each group, their theme, and musical choice over the
    intercom. She
    thought she died and went to heaven!

    Of course you could just put on a regular production, but quite frankly
    if you
    don't have any drama experience, you might feel overwhelmed with a

    San D

    christine kotarsky wrote:

    > I hope someone who reads this is a PE teacher or A Drama teacher or a
    > teacher, or knows someone or something to help.


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